Thinking Corgi? ...Think LisiurA!


Lisiura - not a kennel,
just a loving home where seven generations
 of corgis have lived as full time pets,
are spoiled, sparingly shown and occasionally bred.


About us


We met while we were studying biology at Warsaw University and started having
„our dogs" in 1977. Mirek had already had a polish lowland sheepdog, yet our first dog was an english bulldog (never again!). In 1979 we imported the first pembroke into the country and have been breeding pems since. When we moved to Podkowa Lesna we added cardis and pls (pons). However, we soon realised that one should not have more dogs than time and circumstances permit. Our dogs are house pets and numbers are strictly limited
 - at present we have only several corgis and one collie.
Recently we have appointed our young friend and handler, Anna Mejer, to become
our official partner in the kennel.
Both of us are proud to have been awarded the
Golden Mark of Distinction by the Polish Kennel Club – Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce.




Our home

Is always open for visitors and fellow corgi owners, with parties being often organised.
The tea and coffee pot are always on and we are good at cooking.
We are located only 30 minutes drive from Warsaw Airport, so do not hesitate to call in.



Our judging

Mirek started judging as early as in 1978 and is currently approved to judge FCI Groups I (except GSD), V, IX, dalmatians and some breeds of Group II. Has judged almost all over the Continent, in Russia, Israel, Great Britain (including Cruft’s), USA and Canada.
Anna had been thinking over the matter of judging for quite a while and eventually passed for Group I in 2004. She has already judged several club shows in Czech, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Israel.




Our dogs are rather sparingly shown due to our judging commitments and - even more - due to our generally relaxed attitude. Having completed their champion tittles they attend only the most important events. A bad dog does not become any better if it wins,
nor a good one becomes any worse if it looses...




Our writings

 For quite a long time we have been freelancing for dog magazines, writing and translating articles and books on breeds, genetics and canine psychology.
Up to date we have written and co-written 15 dog books and translated into Polish many works by Stanley Coren, Malcolm Willis, Jan Fennel, John Fisher and others.

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