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             Since the very beginnings of our kennel we had got enormous amount
of help, generosity and support from the already established breeders.
One has to remember that - due to striking differences in prices and incomes
- it was hardly possible for us to cover the costs of travelling abroad, leave apart
the stud fees and puppy prices. Nowadays this is much more easier.
It was Antje Neugebauer of West Berlin ( as it was at that time) who helped us to import the first corgi.

              The very first mating to Colwyn Cadno in 1980 was entirely thanks to
Edith Soltesz (Colwyn corgis, Austria). Not only didn't she ask any stud fee, but also arranged my staying in her town and covered vet bills.
Marianne Jensen and Kim Nielsen (Hashfan and Blondie's kennels, Denmark) left us their best dogs so that we were able to use them without travelling and they never asked a penny back. That friendly co-operation resulted in some top quality pups being produced both here and there.
Martina Siebke of Germany (no longer with corgis) helped us to breed our first bobtails. The first import from England ( from the famous Lees kennel) was arranged by Megan Irving ( the pon breeder) and Margaret Cole. Other pem people to whom we owe a lot were Ferrucio Sala (della Selva Oscura), Gianadrea Fasan (Corgilandia), Maaja Liisa Kouvola (Finnheeler), Cami Stahlberg (Allimac's) and recently Chari and Richard Magnan (Mapleleaf). All these people are the ones who are interested in dogs and good breeding, not in cash. Nowadays we enjoy co-operation with some new people, e.g. Livija Vaitkaviciene (Lithuania), Ilze Labdzere, Beata Petkevica (Latvia) and Astrid Lundava (Estonia). In cardis we wouldn't have started without the help and generosity of Margareta Widin (Cardax) and some support from Marianne Sandersson ( the pon breeder). Then followed Ase & Kaj Therkelsen (Birkebakkens) and Kim Nielsen (Blondie). We learnt a lot about this breed from Paula Nieminen (Mackinlay's), who sadly gave up breeding. Friendly co-operation is going on with Meta Feenstra Minet (Welshclan's) & Ati Dekker ( Courtly), Lenka & Pavel Cerny (Corlan Gi) and Anita & Edgars Tropi (Latvia).

Thanks to all of You ( and many others) - it is so good to have You by the side!


           Not a dog person by nature, Anna's mother is the one to mention here
- she has had to live for years with us and our dogs and withstand all mess and torments of breeder's lives.



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