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Amberynlea Divine Design at Lisiura-Monika

d.o.b. 11.04.2016

Born in Latvia (thanx Natalya) yet her pedigree is a promising blend
of  proven American-Polish-Lithuanian bloodlines.
An outgoing and charming personality, not only did she win our hearts,
but also of  our canine residents.


Mapleleaf  Wisus the Knight  in  Black  Buckhorn Ledroc Scarlet Tide Mapleleaf  Phaeton
 Ledroc Brinbar Sylvia Scarlet
Mapleleaf  Buckhorn Athena Mapleaf  Phaeton
Mapleleaf  Shanya Twain
Tuja Medaus Lietus  Vikingas Rudens Legendos  Annwn’s Winnie the Pooh
 Olia-Lia Mergaite Gyvates Asara
Szelmutka Lisiura Mapleleaf Southern Knight
Uroczycha Lisiura



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