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Bronka Lisiura

d.o.b. 22.04.2015

Cheerful, mischievous scatterbrain and so similar to her mother that when they are walking together itís hard to tell one from the other.

Mapleleaf  Wisus the Knight  in  Black Buckhorn Ledroc Scarlet Tide Mapleleaf  Phaeton
Ledroc Brinbar Sylvia Scarlet
Mapleleaf  Buckhorn Athena Mapleaf  Phaeton
 Mapleleaf  Shanya Twain
Lulianna  Lisiura Festiniog Arbor Goldrush Arbor Festiniog Coovon
Festiniog Arbor Dollar Bet
Kantyczka Lisiura Corgilandia Geronimo
Szeptunka Lisiura


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