Thinking Corgi? ...Think LisiurA!

Przylaszczka Lisiura
Polish Junior Champion

born 09.04.2005
Laszczka (Or Zuzia) can be compared Only to Ann of Green Gables….
Always full of new ideas and busy with them, quite often she forgets what she should
 really do… and this puts her in troubles. Luckily, she does not regret for long
– life is so wonderful, isn’t it?
Mapleleaf Southern Knight Mapleleaf Dusty Miller Stonecroft`s Second Sight
Mapleleaf Miss Daisey
Mapleleaf Angelique Windhamlair Great Scott
Mapleleaf Fleur de Lis
Cypuszka Kusa Lisiura Allimac’s Modern Lisiura Borgatun’s Y’ Maximilian
Allimac’s Rhythm’ N’Blues
Mapleleaf Lisiura Myfairlady Hallmarks Olympian
Mapleleaf Miss Daisey


      (Leif Herman Wilberg) Excellent type, correct size, excellent proportions,
nice head and expression, excellent topline, good bone and feet, long chest,
a bit loose front action, correct hind movement.
 Correct coat texture yet today totally out of coat.

(Fran Fricker ) - Good type, excellent general impression, proportional head, alert expression,
good eye and pigmentation, well developed chest and ribs, short loins,
good front and hind stance, smooth movement.



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