Thinking Corgi? ...Think LisiurA!

Uroczycha Lisiura
InterChampion, Polish and Russian Champion

d.o.b. 03.11.1997
Were she a woman, she would be a nicely plumb one,
who does not care about slimming and loves good food and comfort.
World Champion in food stealing (perhaps also in mugging for it).
Dzięgiel Lisiura Paraszutnik Lisiura  Adonicus
 Trzemcha Lisiura
Finnheeler Favorite  Lemar Red Envoy
 Finnheeler Geisha
 Pnączka Lisiura  Adonicus  Rivona Tri Star
 Cindyhill Such a Romance
Trzemcha Lisiura Hashfan Ambassador in Poland
Bez Kompleksów Lisiura
Leif Herman Wilberg (Siggen's): "excellent type, nice head, neck and topline,
good lenght of body and excellent hindquarters, great mover"

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